Marirea Penisului

Friday, August 22, 2008

Penis Enlargement Warm Up

Always warm up before any Penis Enlargement Training

Start with 5 minutes of massage and light masturbation. Be sure to massage the testicles.

Take a 5 minute hot shower. Focus the beam of the shower to your penis and testicles.

Massage the testicles.

Masturbate to full erection.

How to Use The SizeGenetics Stretching Device

Let your erection subside to about half way in between a full erection and completely flacid.
Place your penis in the base of the stretching device. Adjust the traction controls so that the end of the strap snugs up to the meaty tissue at the shaft ward end of the base of your penis head. Strap the SizeGenetics soft pad in place. Finally, gently adjust the traction device to a moderate stretch. Do not stretch too forcefully. With SizeGenetics, the time you are able to wear SizeGenetics is much more important than the resistance you apply with SizeGenetics. Alternate SizeGenetics stretching device with masturbation.

Stretch with the SizeGenetics Traction Device using the steps described above for 15 minutes. Take the device off. Masturbate to a full erection. Masturbate while maintaining the full erection for 3 minutes. Let your erection subside to about half way in between a full erection and completely flacid. Repeat steps 1-5 times for 3 sets.

Recommendations for the Alternating SizeGenetics-Masturbation Training Program Described Above

Follow the program every day for five days straight. Always give your penis a complete rest two consecutive days a week with any penis training program. Stick with the SizeGenetics Training Program for three weeks and report your gains to me. You will not see any gain in the first week. Do not get discouraged. By the end of the third week with SizeGenetics, by sticking to my training regimen, you will notice significant gains.

I can recommend you Men's Network website where the real people comment their successes in gains and the products / methods they use. As far as I've seen, they are mostly pleased with SizeGenetics penis stretcher and penis enlargement exercises.

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